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Educational & Social Skills Development

Learning techniques which fully engage the child are widely regarded as an excellent method of development, and STARPLAYER games certainly achieve this aim. Our games have been developed and tested in conjunction with our Education Director, a qualified teacher with 8 years expertise, to help with the development of

  • numeracy skills
  • literacy skills
  • social skills*
  • organisational skills*

*when played in a controlled environment. For younger children, aged 4+, this would usually mean with adult supervision and/or game participation.

STARPLAYER The Football Board Game

When playing the above game, children can be encouraged to read the fun "Referee" Cards, "Chairman" Cards and "Starplayer Bonus" Cards as part of the development process, to engage the child fully.

Each of the 44 Starplayer footballer cards have footballer values ranging from £3.5 million to £15 million, which can help with the development of numeracy skills during the numerous "Transfer Windows" throughout the game, when player can sell, buy and swop footballer cards to create their team.

The Starplayer money is provided in 6 different denominations, further enabling children to develop numeracy skills during the "Transfer Window".

The two Starplayer football dice thrown together will also help assist a child with basic numeracy skills in calculating "Starplayer Cup match" scores or movement of players pawns around the game board.

Organisational skills can be developed with children actively taking part in setting up the "Starplayer Official's Tray", in which the money is placed in order in 6 designated spaces for use throughout each game. One player must act as "the Offical", banking money and providing the correct 'change' when Starplayer footballer cards, a manager and stadium are purchased or sold by each of the players throughout the game, so this is an ideal role for children aged 8+ (or younger at the parents' discretion, dependant upon the child's stage of development and abilities).

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